Welcome to “Spirit Guides Align Wednesdays!” 🌟 In this inspiring episode, join Kelle Sparta and her co-host, Katherine Loranger, as they explore the intersections of personal growth, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. Discover how to align your spiritual awakening with your business and personal life to achieve manifest success and find your true purpose. 🚀


  • [00:04] Spiritual Awakening in Boquete, Panama: 🌎 Kelle Sparta and Katherine Loranger share their transformative spiritual journeys and the personal growth experienced in the serene surroundings of Boquete, Panama.
  • [03:39] Empowering Entrepreneurs: 💼 Learn how to manage your energy, identify your purpose, and manifest success. Kelle and Katherine discuss how to align your personal mission with your business initiatives and clear blocks to success.
  • [09:31] Purpose in Business: 🌱 Dive into discussions about integrating personal growth with business success, focusing on identifying and elevating limiting beliefs and energetics. Kelle shares her own challenges with finding purpose and meaning in her business, despite financial success.
  • [15:18] Introspection and Authentic Self: 🧘 Katherine emphasizes the importance of connecting to your authentic self and aligning your work with your purpose. Kelle explains how feedback from friends can help reveal your true purpose.
  • [21:53] Exploring ‘What Would I Love?’ 💖 Unpack the powerful question “What would I love?” to discover your purpose and reconnect with your dreams. Kelle discusses the importance of this question in expanding possibilities and aligning with one’s true desires.
  • [27:46] Challenging Limiting Beliefs: 🛡️ Reflect on how societal expectations can limit your dreams and potential. Learn practical tips for overcoming these limitations by exploring what truly brings you joy and fulfillment.
  • [31:54] Optimizing Life for Fulfillment: 🌟 Kelle talks about the importance of identifying and prioritizing personal goals over mere productivity. Discover how to optimize your life for happiness and fulfillment, not just business success.

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