Spirit Guides is a transformative podcast dedicated to guiding listeners through the nuances of spiritual and personal growth. It aims to serve as a vital resource for those looking to deepen their understanding of spirituality beyond traditional frameworks and integrate it into various aspects of daily life.

Jump into the energetic world of Spirit Guides, a podcast that takes you on a wild ride through spiritual and personal growth! 🌟 Whether you’re looking to shake up your soul routine or dive deep into the spiritual unknown, this podcast is your go-to guide for all things mystical and practical.

Every week is an adventure with themed days:

  • Mystical Mondays kickstart your spiritual awakening journey.
  • Tap in Tuesdays get you journaling and digging deep within.
  • Align Wednesdays help apply your spiritual insights to boost your business and expand your impact into the world at large.
  • Thursday Thoughts drop quick, savvy advice to keep your spirit in check.
  • Ascend Fridays are all about stepping into the energy and the magic with readings, sound healings, and guided meditations to wrap up your week.

Spirit Guides is here to break down the walls between spiritual disciplines, offering fresh, fun views on spirituality beyond the usual, and fostering unity in growth. Tune in and transform your everyday into the extraordinary!


Mystical Mondays
Tap In Tuesdays
Align Wednesdays
Thursday Thoughts
Ascend Fridays

Ep 6: Mystical Mondays: Am I Going Crazy or Ami I having A Spiritual Awakening?

Welcome to "Spirit Guides Mystical Mondays!" In this enlightening episode, join Kelle Sparta and Joshua Radewan as they delve into the profound world of spiritual awakenings. Are you experiencing one, or does it just feel like you're going crazy? Let's explore this transformative journey together. 🌈

Ep 1: Mystical Mondays – WTF – Spiritual Awakening – Is It Real?

Welcome to Spirit Guides Mystical Mondays! 🎉 Dive into the enchanting realm of spiritual awakenings. Are they a glimpse into a higher self, or just a myth? 🤔 Join Kelle Sparta, a revered spiritual guide and shaman, alongside her insightful guest, Joshua Radewan. They’re here to unfold the mysteries of spiritual connection, growth, and awakening with vibrant stories and profound guidance that will inspire and enrich your spiritual journey!

Ep 7: Tap In Tuesdays: Why Do I Want It?

Welcome to this episode of "Spirit Guides Tap In Tuesdays!" Join Kelle Sparta as she guides you through an enlightening journaling exercise designed to explore the depths of personal growth and self-discovery. Discover the motives behind your desires and tap into your true aspirations. 🌟

Ep 2: Tap In Tuesdays: What Do I Want?

Welcome to "Spirit Guides Tap In Tuesdays!" 🌟 In this episode, Kelle Sparta invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and personal power through guided journaling exercises. Dive deep into your spiritual journey and uncover your desires with Kelle's expert guidance, enhancing your intuition and self-awareness.

Ep 8: Align Wednesdays: Is The Ghost In The Machine Me?

Welcome to this week's episode of "Spirit Guides," where we tackle the intriguing question: Is The Ghost In The Machine Me? Dive into a thought-provoking discussion with Kelle Sparta and her co-host Katherine Loranger as we explore how self-limiting beliefs and fears can stifle entrepreneurs' growth and success. 🌟

Ep 3: Align Wednesdays: Has Anyone Seen My Purpose? I Know I Left It Here Somewhere…

Welcome to "Spirit Guides Align Wednesdays!" 🌟 In this inspiring episode, join Kelle Sparta and her co-host, Katherine Loranger, as they explore the intersections of personal growth, spirituality, and entrepreneurship. Discover how to align your spiritual awakening with your business and personal life to achieve manifest success and find your true purpose. 🚀

Ep 4: Thursday Thoughts: Can I Talk to My Spirit Guides?

Welcome to "Spirit Guides Thursday Thoughts!" In this captivating episode, explore the fascinating world of connecting with spirit guides and understanding their messages. Join our hosts as they discuss the powerful roles that spirit guides play in expanding personal power and comfort in one's own skin. 🌈

Ep 5: Ascend Fridays: Monster, Monster Go Away, I Have Sacred Space Today

Welcome to "Spirit Guides Friday Ascend!" This episode is a deep dive into the art of creating and maintaining sacred spaces for energetic work. Join hosts Kelle Sparta and Joshua Radewan as they lead a transformative shamanic session, casting circles and invoking spiritual protection and balance. 🌀

Join Kelle Sparta, a transformational shaman with nearly five decades of experience, on her podcast “Spirit Guides.” Kelle, who started her spiritual journey at the age of 5, has spent 29 years as a coach and healer, and two decades marketing her services online. She specializes in helping spiritual seekers reach their highest human potential and helps spiritual practitioners, teachers, and coaches achieve six-figure incomes through their passions.

In 1998, Kelle had a spiritual awakening and realized she was dissatisfied with her life despite achieving the “American Dream.” She then sold her possessions, ended her marriage, and moved to live with shamans and witches, spending four years on deep self-healing. Following this period, she embarked on a year-long spiritual pilgrimage, relying on minimal funds and the generosity of others. Her commitment to service led her to develop several iterations of her work, facing challenges until she transformed her writings about her spiritual experiences into an online program. This program, based on her book, eventually grew into three successful coaching programs that significantly impact people’s spiritual journeys.

Today, Kelle offers three impactful coaching programs based on the deep insights from her book and journey, aimed at enhancing the lives of her clients and enabling their spiritual work.


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