Welcome to this week’s episode of “Spirit Guides,” where we tackle the intriguing question: Is The Ghost In The Machine Me? Dive into a thought-provoking discussion with Kelle Sparta and her co-host Katherine Loranger as we explore how self-limiting beliefs and fears can stifle entrepreneurs’ growth and success. 🌟


  • [00:04] Unpacking Self-Limiting Beliefs: Kelle and Katherine Loranger share insights into how personal growth journeys reveal that self-imposed limitations are often the biggest barriers to business success. They discuss common hurdles like fears, perfectionism, and risk aversion that hold entrepreneurs back.
  • [04:58] Overcoming Fear of Fame: Kelle discusses her personal struggle with the fear of fame and its potential negative consequences. Learn how a transformative conversation with her spirit guides helped her embrace her mission while managing these fears, leading to a significant increase in her social media presence and business growth.
  • [10:33] Challenging Fears and Beliefs: Discover the importance of recognizing and confronting fears and limiting beliefs as signs of potential growth. Kelle and Katherine emphasize the power of befriending fear and using it as a tool for business and personal development.
  • [13:46] Influence of Past Lives and Ancestral Stories: Kelle shares how understanding the impact of past lives, ancestral stories, and soul contracts can play a critical role in financial and business success. This segment delves into the deep connections between our past influences and current realities.
  • [19:21] Balancing the Spiritual and the Practical: Kelle stresses the importance of practical solutions and the need for a balance between spiritual approaches and real-world actions in achieving personal and business growth.
  • [22:34] Metaphors and Symbolism in Personal Growth: Learn how to identify and interpret the metaphors and symbols in everyday life that influence your belief structures and realities. Kelle guides listeners on how to unwind these patterns to create a new, desired identity.

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