Welcome to “Spirit Guides Friday Ascend!” This episode is a deep dive into the art of creating and maintaining sacred spaces for energetic work. Join hosts Kelle Sparta and Joshua Radewan as they lead a transformative shamanic session, casting circles and invoking spiritual protection and balance. 🌀


  • [00:04] Creating Sacred Spaces: 🌟 Kelle Sparta kicks off the session by guiding listeners through the process of casting a circle, explaining the purpose and significance of this practice in energetic work.
  • [04:15] Closing Spiritual Circles for Protection: 🛡️ The importance of closing spiritual circles is emphasized, illustrating how neglecting this step can lead to exhaustion and other difficulties. Kelle shares a personal anecdote about the immediate relief experienced after closing a forgotten circle, highlighting the tangible effects of these practices.
  • [08:27] Casting Circles with Intention: 🔮 Kelle provides practical instructions on how to cast a circle for personal growth and spiritual work, stressing the importance of intention over rote recitation of words. This section is crucial for anyone looking to enhance their spiritual practices with authenticity and focused energy.
  • [13:25] Spirituality, Guides, and Rituals: 🌈 Kelle calls upon various spirits and ancestors for guidance and transformation during a circle casting ceremony. This powerful ritual serves as a vivid example of how to connect with the spiritual realm for guidance and support.

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