Welcome to a special session of “Spirit Guides – Sound Healing,” dedicated to soothing your inner child through the power of sound healing. Join Kelle Sparta as she guides you through a meditative sound healing session designed to release energetic blocks and foster deep inner peace. 🌈 Please do not drive or do anything that requires your attention while listening to this episode.


  • [00:04] Sound Healing Journey: Begin your journey with Kelle Sparta, who will lead you through a transformative sound healing session aimed at soothing your inner child. Find a comfortable position, relax, and let the harmonious sounds wash over you, moving what needs to be moved within.
  • Deep Breathing and Body Awareness: Enhance your experience by focusing on deep breathing and becoming more aware of your body’s responses to the sounds. This session encourages a profound connection with your inner self, facilitating healing and well-being.
  • Promised Benefits: Kelle Sparta shares the benefits of regular listening, promising improved well-being and a deeper sense of peace as you continue to engage with her sound healing podcasts.Ready to Dive Deeper? 🌊