Join host Kelle Sparta and guest Katherine Loranger as they discuss unconscious agreements and their impact on life and business.

Key Points:

🤝 Unconscious Agreements in Business:

  • Explore the subtle yet powerful influence of unconscious agreements in shaping our experiences and outcomes in business.

💼 Challenging Limiting Beliefs:

  • Learn strategies for identifying and challenging limiting beliefs that hinder success, and discover how to open up to new possibilities and experiences.

🔍 Strategies for Self-Discovery:

  • Gain insights into identifying and challenging assumptions and agreements that hold you back in both business and personal life.

🌟 Manifestation and Vibrations:

  • Discover the role of manifestation and vibrations in shifting belief structures for success, and learn practical strategies for aligning with your desired reality.

💡 Shifting Core Beliefs:

  • Explore the importance of shifting core beliefs and avoiding delusional positivity, and learn how to embody your desired outcomes for manifestation.

📈 Goal Setting and Business Evolution:

  • Learn about goal setting based on vision and desires, and discover how to embody your goals in the present moment for effective manifestation.

🌟 Manifesting Desired Reality:

  • Explore the concept of embodied beingness in manifestation, and learn how to align your current state with your desired outcomes.

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