Join Kelle Sparta and Colby Jones as they explore the fascinating intersection of business energy and chakras within the travel agency industry. 🌍✨


[00:04] Understanding Business Energy and Chakras:

  • Kelle and Colby discuss how businesses have unique energetic fields influenced by their culture and marketing strategies.

Colby Jones’ Excitement:

  • Colby is thrilled and amazed by the energy reading provided by Kelle Sparta.

Explaining the Chakra System:

  • Kelle delves into the chakra system, identifying blocks in each chakra and their implications for the business.

Addressing Energy Blocks:

  • Gain valuable insights from Kelle on how to address and clear these energy blocks to improve business operations and energy flow.

Upcoming Initiatives and Partnerships:

  • The conversation also covers future plans and collaborations within the travel agency business, providing a glimpse into exciting new ventures.


Ready to Dive Deeper? 🌊