In this episode of Spirit Guides Mystical Mondays, Kelle Sparta and co-host Joshua Radewan delve into the journey of spiritual and personal growth, offering valuable insights on becoming the hero of your own story. They discuss the importance of taking responsibility for your happiness, the stages of spiritual awakening, and the roadmap to personal evolution. Join them as they guide you on discovering your spiritual roadmap and embracing your power.

Key Points:

Taking Responsibility for One’s Own Happiness (0:04)

  • Kelle Sparta and Joshua Radewan emphasize the importance of being the main character in your own life.
  • Discuss the significance of taking responsibility for your happiness in relationships.
  • Importance of communicating needs and desires to maintain mutual support and happiness.

Spiritual Awakening Stages and How to Avoid Distractions (4:36)

  • Explanation of the ongoing spiritual awakening process with periods of rest and growth.
  • Kelle Sparta outlines spiritual evolution stages starting with discovery (2-5 years) and moving to proof and proselytizing.
  • Reference to Kelle’s book “The Overachiever’s Guide to Spiritual Awakening” for codified stages of spiritual evolution.

Spiritual Growth Stages, from Orientation to Mastery (9:15)

  • Discussion on stages of spiritual orientation/addiction, beginning with orientation and consumption of information.
  • Challenges faced when losing friends who do not share the same enthusiasm for newfound spiritual practices.
  • Emphasis on turning inwards for growth and solutions, avoiding spiritual addiction.

Personal Growth Stages, Including Self-Acceptance and Power Ownership (14:07)

  • Kelle Sparta explains stages of personal growth from reflection to letting go of identity masks (stages 4-8).
  • Importance of stepping into one’s power and trusting oneself in stage 9 (self-acceptance).
  • Challenges at stage six of manifestation, where testing power can lead to overwhelm or limiting access to it.
  • Personal anecdotes from Kelle about struggling with power and the necessity of doing “rage work” to fully embrace one’s power.

Personal Growth Stages and Self-Awareness (18:45)

  • Discussion on stages of personal growth, including self-acceptance and self-love.
  • Outline of a hero’s journey process for personal growth.
  • Joshua Radewan describes his journey of hacking the matrix, mentioning stages and a spiral of growth.
  • Encouragement for listeners to embark on their own personal hero’s journey, emphasizing the importance of intention and attention.

Join Kelle Sparta and Joshua Radewan as they explore the stages of spiritual and personal growth, guiding you to become the hero of your own journey and discover your spiritual roadmap. 🌟

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