In this episode of Spirit Guides Wednesday, spiritual business coaches, Kelle Sparta and Katherine Loranger, discuss the concept of “panic pivot” in business. They explore how to commit to a path and trust the universe as a partner rather than an authority figure, offering valuable insights on avoiding self-blame and fostering business growth.

Key Points:

  • Avoiding “Panic Pivot” in Business (0:04)
  • Kelle Sparta explains the “panic pivot” in business, where one switches to a new idea quickly after launch without proper testing.
  • Discussion on the importance of not waiting for approval from the universe, and viewing it as a partner rather than a parent.

Reframing Panic Pivots and Avoiding Self-Blame (5:41)

  • Trust issues leading to self-doubt and panic when results don’t match expectations.
  • Reframing situations as experiments to shift focus from self-blame to empowerment.
  • Difference in response time between masters and apprentices when realizing they’re off their path and getting back on it.
  • The hidden resistance that you don’t realize is holding you back.

Business Growth, Self-Awareness, and Overcoming Obstacles (10:01)

  • Noticing panic-pivoting and reframing it as a learning opportunity.
  • Emphasizing incremental gains and experimentation over immediate results.
  • Advice on committing to a year-long process with a lead magnet on one platform for one target market.

Commitment, Consistency, and Energy Management in Business (18:20)

  • Importance of commitment and consistency in achieving results.
  • Power of maintaining integrity with commitments and consequences of inconsistency.
  • Personal experiences with podcasting, social media, and different work styles between Kelle and her friend Kathy.

Commitment and Partnership with the Universe (23:36)

  • Comparison of commitment in business to gardening, with the universe as a partner.
  • Challenges of spiritual growth and business, including combative relationships with guides and a warrior mindset.

Shifting Mindset from Fight to Flow (27:08)

Recognizing the tendency to bring “fight” energy into life and business, leading to stress and burnout.

•        Transitioning to a more relaxed approach, letting go of the need to prove oneself.

•        Reflection on Kelle’s relationship with her father and a moment of reconciliation after his passing.

Identity, Self-Awareness, and Commitment (31:11)

•        Healing a woman’s aura in a Starbucks, illustrating the importance of energy flow.

•        Discussion on the significance of commitment in achieving success.

•        Encouragement for listeners to choose their thoughts and intentions wisely.

Join Kelle Sparta and Katherine Loranger as they explore the dynamics of business growth, spiritual partnership, and the power of commitment. 🌟

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