In this episode of Spirit Guides Friday, a psychic and Akashic Records reader provides a business energy review for small business owner Michelle Douglas. The discussion covers energy readings, chakra blocks, and personal growth, offering insights to help listeners navigate their spiritual and business journeys.

Key Points:

Energy Readings and Chakra Blocks (0:04)

  • Spiritual reading for Michelle Douglas.
  • Expansion of personal energy review, focusing on the chakra system.

Business Energy Review (2:00)

  • Channeling energy to review the business.
  • Interpretation of chrysalis imagery indicating a gel-like state.
  • Akashic recordings as a form of spiritual work.

Energy Flow and Personal Growth (8:13)

  • Identifying issues like fatigue and mind overdrive.
  • Suggestions for meditation and letting go.

Intuition and Limiting Beliefs (13:28)

  • Encouragement for self-reflection to uncover limiting beliefs.
  • Addressing insecurity and imposter syndrome.

Creativity and Self-Doubt (19:38)

  • Embracing awesomeness and trusting the process.
  • Identifying sixth chakra blocks affecting creativity.

Personal Growth and Responsibility (25:39)

  • Encouraging stepping into the adult self and taking responsibility in business.
  • Addressing conflict avoidance patterns and past-life traumas.

Managing Business Finances (32:17)

  • Financial planning and budgeting advice.
  • Letting go of the concept of “deserving” for growth.

Receiving Love and Letting Go (39:22)

  • Receiving love to overcome past trauma.
  • Learning from betrayal and letting go.

Emotional Healing and Self-Care (45:07)

  • “Clearing Grief Meditation” to release grief and feel loved.
  • Importance of setting personal commitments.

Breaking Patterns and Self-Care (56:40)

  • Advising boldness and prioritizing self-care, especially in abusive relationships.
  • Practical examples of treating oneself with love.

Energy Healing and Vagus Nerve Resets (1:02:02)

  • Importance of resetting the vagus nerve for stress and trauma relief.
  • Recommendations for vagus nerve resets.

Personal Growth and Financial Success (1:08:13)

  • Balance in giving and receiving in relationships.
  • Insights on manifestation bubbles and chrysalis state for financial success.

Spiritual Growth and Marketing Strategies (1:13:39)

  • Overcoming self-doubt and inconsistent marketing.
  • Focusing on one product, lead magnet, and platform for a year.

Join us as we explore the intersections of spiritual growth, energy healing, and business success. 🌟

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