In this episode of Spirit Guides Mystical Mondays, Kelle Sparta and Joshua Radewan dive deep into the world of magic and manifestation. They explore how different traditions approach these concepts, emphasizing that we are all parts of the divine with the power to create and manifest in our lives. Kelle defines magic as energy work, highlighting the importance of intention as the core element. 🪄✨

Key Points:

  • Magic, Language, and Energy Hygiene for Empaths (5:45)
  • Kelle stresses the importance of positive language in magic.
  • She shares intriguing tales from her magical house, where rules were set to prevent problems, like no time and space manipulation without permission and ensuring guests – corporeal and non-corporeal – needed to follow the house rules.
  • Energetic hygiene in Reiki practice is crucial, and Kelle offers a free class on boundaries for empaths to safeguard your energy fields. 🌟🛡️

Manifestation, Acceptance, and Protection Through Intentions (13:47)

  • Stories of manifestation successes, like visualizing a bobcat and finding free help, and Kelle’s experience of a stranger offering to refinish store floors.
  • Creative protections in a retail space, including a lightning-struck oak tree made of chicken wire and paper mache, and dealing with a local kleptomaniac.
  • The significance of intentions and the impact on reality. 🌳🔮

Wards, Protections, and Property Intentions (21:29)

  • Discussion on using wards (protections) in a store and the importance of removing them after use.
  • Cool story about a protection on a house in Virginia.
  • Kelle describes a vivid dream involving falling trees while riding her bike and her husband’s encounter with a homeless man during COVID. 🏡🌲

Magic, Manifestation, and Energy Work with Kelle Sparta (26:42)

  • Sharing magical experiences, like a dead snake at the property’s edge and an ex-business partner sensing unique energy.
  • Helping a student set protections during Hurricane Ida.
  • Teaching how to adjust wards to align with energies for protection and the power of believing in one’s own magic.
  • Encouraging listeners to choose their intentions wisely, as they create their reality. 🌪️🌀

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