In this episode of Spirit Guides Wednesday, Kelle Sparta and Katherine Loranger discuss the importance of stripping away masks in the workplace to embrace authenticity and transparency. They explore how these qualities can become one’s biggest strengths in both personal and professional relationships. 🎭✨

Key Points:

Authenticity and Transparency in the Workplace (0:04)

  • Kelle Sparta and Katherine Loranger emphasize the need to remove energetic masks and embrace authenticity at work.
  • Kelle shares her experience of wearing an energetic mask of perfection, which often goes unnoticed by others.
  • The discussion extends to the significance of authenticity and transparency in personal relationships as well.

Leadership, Self-Awareness, and Stress Management (5:48)

  • Reflections on leadership growth through self-awareness and authenticity.
  • Kelle discusses her struggle with stress as a new manager of 20 real estate agents and how she sought support from her team.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment (9:29)

  • The importance of setting a healthy environment for employees, contractors, and clients.
  • Leaders must prioritize their own mental health to maintain a non-toxic work environment.
  • Insights into the impact of toxic workplaces on employee well-being.

Prioritizing Mental Health and Transparency in Leadership (14:38)

  • Leaders need to prioritize self-care to lead authentically and effectively.
  • Recognizing blind spots and developing emotional maturity are essential for handling organizational demands.
  • Empowering team members to reject ideas that don’t align with goals, thus making work life easier.

Effective Communication and Leadership (19:41)

  • The role of transparency in business relationships for constructive communication and mutual understanding.
  • Kelle shares an example of adjusting expectations and timelines to accommodate a partner’s needs, leading to a successful partnership.
  • Emphasis on self-care to avoid burnout and maintain effective leadership.

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