In this episode of Spirit Guides Thursday Thoughts, Kelle Sparta shares her transformative journey into shamanism, highlighting the profound personal growth and spiritual evolution that accompanied it. 🪄🌿

Key Points:

Introduction to Shamanism and Early Life (0:04)

  • Kelle Sparta grew up in a New Age household with a psychic mother who immersed her in guided meditation and spiritual tapes from a young age.
  • Despite achieving the American Dream, Kelle felt unhappy and burnt out, leading her to make significant life changes, including divorcing her husband, selling her business, and moving to a house with roommates from the renaissance fair.

Understanding Shamanism

  • Shamanism is described as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, with each shaman possessing unique gifts and abilities.
  • Kelle’s journey as a shaman began with talking to ghosts in her crib, gradually evolving her spiritual awareness and abilities over time.

The Path of Personal and Spiritual Growth

  • Kelle discusses the concept of shamanic death and its significance in personal growth.
  • She explains how ego resistance, while a natural survival mechanism, can hinder one’s path to authenticity and true spiritual evolution.

Ready to Dive Deeper? 🌊