Welcome to “Spirit Guides Thursday!” In today’s episode, “What Kind of Guides Do I Have?”, join Kelle Sparta as she delves into the fascinating world of spirit guides. Discover the various types of guides and learn effective methods to communicate with them to enhance your spiritual journey. 🌀


  • [00:04] Understanding Different Types of Spirit Guides: Kelle discusses the diverse types of spirit guides, such as spirit family guides, explaining their unique roles and how they assist us in our spiritual and earthly endeavors.
  • Navigating Spiritual Communications: Beginners are advised to be mindful of their interactions with guides, especially when receiving spiritual downloads. Kelle emphasizes the importance of taking breaks to avoid exhaustion and maintain a healthy spiritual balance.
  • Concept of Spirit Family: Explore the intriguing concept of a spirit family. Kelle explains how reincarnation with the same souls across different lives shape our spiritual and personal growth. She discusses how adversaries in our journey often impact us profoundly, mirroring themes commonly seen in literature.
  • Tips for Communicating with Spirit Guides: Kelle shares practical tips on how to establish and strengthen communication with your spirit guides. Learn to invite your guides to communicate through various senses, including sound, vision, and touch, enhancing your ability to receive their guidance.

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