Welcome to “Spirit Guides Mystical Mondays!” In this enlightening episode, join Kelle Sparta and Joshua Radewan as they delve into the profound world of spiritual awakenings. Are you experiencing one, or does it just feel like you’re going crazy? Let’s explore this transformative journey together. 🌈


  • [00:04] Understanding Spiritual Awakening: Kelle and Josh discuss the causes and personal growth aspects of spiritual awakening. Listen as they share how these profound experiences push us to re-evaluate our beliefs and stop negative behaviors.
  • [03:48] Journey of Self-Discovery: 🌿 Kelle shares her own crisis of faith and subsequent spiritual journey, including learning shiatsu, Reiki, and undergoing a life-changing Saturn Return. Discover the importance of co-creating with the spirit and how Kelle embraced her role as the “Spirit DoctorTM.”
  • [10:20] Navigating Spiritual Contracts: 💫 Dive into the world of shamanism with Kelle as she discusses how major life events can trigger spiritual awakenings and the importance of recognizing and navigating spiritual contracts.
  • [16:41] Impact on Mental Health: Kelle talks about her spiritual awakening post-divorce and shares how intuition and signs play a crucial role in connecting with spirituality. Learn how to manage the mental health impacts of spiritual awakenings, including dealing with unusual occurrences like hauntings.
  • [23:01] Physical Symptoms of Awakening: 🌊 Discuss the physical manifestations of spiritual awakening, such as emotional pain, nausea, and vertigo, and understand why these symptoms occur as part of the clearing process.
  • [28:41] Deepening Personal Growth: Listen to a powerful personal story about spiritual “dismemberment” and recovery, highlighting the intense nature of spiritual awakenings and the necessity of internal work.
  • [34:24] The Importance of Perseverance: 💪 Kelle reflects on the need for perseverance and the power of stubbornness in overcoming spiritual challenges. Embrace the language of the Spirit and learn to see your spirit guides as allies on your journey.

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