Join Kelle Sparta, a transformational shaman with nearly five decades of experience, on her podcast “Spirit Guides.” Kelle, who started her spiritual journey at the age of 5, has spent 29 years as a coach and healer, and two decades marketing her services online. She specializes in helping spiritual seekers reach their highest human potential and helps spiritual practitioners, teachers, and coaches achieve six-figure incomes through their passions.

In 1998, Kelle had a spiritual awakening and realized she was dissatisfied with her life despite achieving the “American Dream.” She then sold her possessions, ended her marriage, and moved to live with shamans and witches, spending four years on deep self-healing. Following this period, she embarked on a year-long spiritual pilgrimage, relying on minimal funds and the generosity of others. Her commitment to service led her to develop several iterations of her work, facing challenges until she transformed her writings about her spiritual experiences into an online program. This program, based on her book, eventually grew into three successful coaching programs that significantly impact people’s spiritual journeys.

Today, Kelle offers three impactful coaching programs based on the deep insights from her book and journey, aimed at enhancing the lives of her clients and enabling their spiritual work.