Ep 25: Ascend Fridays – Sound Healing for Stress Reduction

In this episode of Spirit Guides Friday, Kelle Sparta leads listeners through a soothing session of sound healing aimed at reducing stress. She combines guided meditation, breathwork, and gentle body movements to help release tension and promote relaxation. 🎶🧘‍♀️

Key Points:

Introduction to Sound Healing (0:04)

  • Kelle Sparta introduces the episode and sets the intention for stress reduction through sound healing.
  • Listeners are advised to find a comfortable position and relax, allowing the sounds to move and release what needs to be shifted within them.

Guided Sound Healing Session

  • The session includes a blend of soothing sounds, breathwork, and gentle body movements designed to promote deep relaxation and stress relief.
  • Kelle guides listeners through the process, encouraging them to fully immerse in the experience and let go of any stress or tension.

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Ep 24: Thursday Thoughts – Becoming A Shaman

In this episode of Spirit Guides Thursday Thoughts, Kelle Sparta shares her transformative journey into shamanism, highlighting the profound personal growth and spiritual evolution that accompanied it. 🪄🌿

Key Points:

Introduction to Shamanism and Early Life (0:04)

  • Kelle Sparta grew up in a New Age household with a psychic mother who immersed her in guided meditation and spiritual tapes from a young age.
  • Despite achieving the American Dream, Kelle felt unhappy and burnt out, leading her to make significant life changes, including divorcing her husband, selling her business, and moving to a house with roommates from the renaissance fair.

Understanding Shamanism

  • Shamanism is described as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, with each shaman possessing unique gifts and abilities.
  • Kelle’s journey as a shaman began with talking to ghosts in her crib, gradually evolving her spiritual awareness and abilities over time.

The Path of Personal and Spiritual Growth

  • Kelle discusses the concept of shamanic death and its significance in personal growth.
  • She explains how ego resistance, while a natural survival mechanism, can hinder one’s path to authenticity and true spiritual evolution.

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Ep 23: Align Wednesdays – Are You Being a Stripper At Work? Can Authenticity and Transparency Be Your Biggest Strength?

In this episode of Spirit Guides Wednesday, Kelle Sparta and Katherine Loranger discuss the importance of stripping away masks in the workplace to embrace authenticity and transparency. They explore how these qualities can become one’s biggest strengths in both personal and professional relationships. 🎭✨

Key Points:

Authenticity and Transparency in the Workplace (0:04)

  • Kelle Sparta and Katherine Loranger emphasize the need to remove energetic masks and embrace authenticity at work.
  • Kelle shares her experience of wearing an energetic mask of perfection, which often goes unnoticed by others.
  • The discussion extends to the significance of authenticity and transparency in personal relationships as well.

Leadership, Self-Awareness, and Stress Management (5:48)

  • Reflections on leadership growth through self-awareness and authenticity.
  • Kelle discusses her struggle with stress as a new manager of 20 real estate agents and how she sought support from her team.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment (9:29)

  • The importance of setting a healthy environment for employees, contractors, and clients.
  • Leaders must prioritize their own mental health to maintain a non-toxic work environment.
  • Insights into the impact of toxic workplaces on employee well-being.

Prioritizing Mental Health and Transparency in Leadership (14:38)

  • Leaders need to prioritize self-care to lead authentically and effectively.
  • Recognizing blind spots and developing emotional maturity are essential for handling organizational demands.
  • Empowering team members to reject ideas that don’t align with goals, thus making work life easier.

Effective Communication and Leadership (19:41)

  • The role of transparency in business relationships for constructive communication and mutual understanding.
  • Kelle shares an example of adjusting expectations and timelines to accommodate a partner’s needs, leading to a successful partnership.
  • Emphasis on self-care to avoid burnout and maintain effective leadership.

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Ep 22: Tap in Tuesdays – What Do I Dream Of

In this episode of Spirit Guides Tap In Tuesdays, Kelle Sparta guides listeners on a profound journey of self-discovery. She delves into the power of journaling as a tool for personal growth, helping individuals uncover their deepest dreams and aspirations. 📝✨

Key Points:

Exploring Dreams and Aspirations (0:04)

  • Kelle Sparta introduces the episode by emphasizing the importance of understanding our dreams and desires.
  • She discusses various journaling techniques that can aid in uncovering one’s true self and personal goals.

Journaling as a Path to Self-Discovery

  • Practical tips on how to start and maintain a journaling practice.
  • The significance of regular reflection and writing in personal growth.
  • Examples of journal prompts designed to provoke thought and insight into one’s dreams and ambitions.

Personal Growth and Transformation

  • Kelle shares personal anecdotes and experiences that highlight the transformative power of journaling.
  • Encouragement for listeners to embrace the process of self-discovery and pursue their dreams with intention and clarity.

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Ep 21: Mystical Mondays – Magic and Manifestation – Can You Really Pull A Rabbit Out of Your Hat

In this episode of Spirit Guides Mystical Mondays, Kelle Sparta and Joshua Radewan dive deep into the world of magic and manifestation. They explore how different traditions approach these concepts, emphasizing that we are all parts of the divine with the power to create and manifest in our lives. Kelle defines magic as energy work, highlighting the importance of intention as the core element. 🪄✨

Key Points:

  • Magic, Language, and Energy Hygiene for Empaths (5:45)
  • Kelle stresses the importance of positive language in magic.
  • She shares intriguing tales from her magical house, where rules were set to prevent problems, like no time and space manipulation without permission and ensuring guests – corporeal and non-corporeal – needed to follow the house rules.
  • Energetic hygiene in Reiki practice is crucial, and Kelle offers a free class on boundaries for empaths to safeguard your energy fields. 🌟🛡️

Manifestation, Acceptance, and Protection Through Intentions (13:47)

  • Stories of manifestation successes, like visualizing a bobcat and finding free help, and Kelle’s experience of a stranger offering to refinish store floors.
  • Creative protections in a retail space, including a lightning-struck oak tree made of chicken wire and paper mache, and dealing with a local kleptomaniac.
  • The significance of intentions and the impact on reality. 🌳🔮

Wards, Protections, and Property Intentions (21:29)

  • Discussion on using wards (protections) in a store and the importance of removing them after use.
  • Cool story about a protection on a house in Virginia.
  • Kelle describes a vivid dream involving falling trees while riding her bike and her husband’s encounter with a homeless man during COVID. 🏡🌲

Magic, Manifestation, and Energy Work with Kelle Sparta (26:42)

  • Sharing magical experiences, like a dead snake at the property’s edge and an ex-business partner sensing unique energy.
  • Helping a student set protections during Hurricane Ida.
  • Teaching how to adjust wards to align with energies for protection and the power of believing in one’s own magic.
  • Encouraging listeners to choose their intentions wisely, as they create their reality. 🌪️🌀

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