In this episode of Spirit Guides Thursday Thoughts, the hosts explore the journey of becoming magical through shamanic practices. They discuss the challenges empaths face in relationships, the importance of a safe container for deep shamanic work, and the process of healing emotional and energetic cracks.

Key Points:

Healing Emotional and Energetic Cracks through Shamanic Practices (0:04)

  • Empaths often struggle with relationships and managing emotional intensity.
  • Difficulties in dropping deep into a shamanic state are more about the safety of the container than personal abilities.
  • Discussion on the challenges of repairing energetic cracks and fractures, emphasizing the need for emotional work.

Coping Mechanisms and Control Behaviors in Shamanic Healing

  • Various coping mechanisms and control behaviors that arise during shamanic healing.
  • The importance of addressing these behaviors to facilitate true healing and transformation.

Join the hosts as they guide you through the magical journey of healing emotional and energetic cracks, providing insights and practices to enhance your shamanic path. 🌟

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