Welcome to “Spirit Guides Tap In Tuesdays!” 🌟 In this episode, Kelle Sparta invites listeners to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and personal power through guided journaling exercises. Dive deep into your spiritual journey and uncover your desires with Kelle’s expert guidance, enhancing your intuition and self-awareness.


  • [00:04] Exploring Personal Desires with Journaling: 📖 Kelle introduces the powerful tool of journaling as a pathway for self-discovery and spiritual connection. She guides you through specific exercises aimed at clarifying your desires and aspirations, helping you manifest your true intentions and align with your higher self.

This session is designed for anyone seeking to deepen their connection to spiritual guidance, mindfulness, and personal growth. It’s a perfect opportunity to harness the energies of manifestation, inner peace, and soul retrieval as you explore your spiritual awakening.

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