Ep 24: Thursday Thoughts – Becoming A Shaman

In this episode of Spirit Guides Thursday Thoughts, Kelle Sparta shares her transformative journey into shamanism, highlighting the profound personal growth and spiritual evolution that accompanied it. 🪄🌿

Key Points:

Introduction to Shamanism and Early Life (0:04)

  • Kelle Sparta grew up in a New Age household with a psychic mother who immersed her in guided meditation and spiritual tapes from a young age.
  • Despite achieving the American Dream, Kelle felt unhappy and burnt out, leading her to make significant life changes, including divorcing her husband, selling her business, and moving to a house with roommates from the renaissance fair.

Understanding Shamanism

  • Shamanism is described as a bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds, with each shaman possessing unique gifts and abilities.
  • Kelle’s journey as a shaman began with talking to ghosts in her crib, gradually evolving her spiritual awareness and abilities over time.

The Path of Personal and Spiritual Growth

  • Kelle discusses the concept of shamanic death and its significance in personal growth.
  • She explains how ego resistance, while a natural survival mechanism, can hinder one’s path to authenticity and true spiritual evolution.

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Ep 19: Thursday Thoughts: Becoming Magical

In this episode of Spirit Guides Thursday Thoughts, the hosts explore the journey of becoming magical through shamanic practices. They discuss the challenges empaths face in relationships, the importance of a safe container for deep shamanic work, and the process of healing emotional and energetic cracks.

Key Points:

Healing Emotional and Energetic Cracks through Shamanic Practices (0:04)

  • Empaths often struggle with relationships and managing emotional intensity.
  • Difficulties in dropping deep into a shamanic state are more about the safety of the container than personal abilities.
  • Discussion on the challenges of repairing energetic cracks and fractures, emphasizing the need for emotional work.

Coping Mechanisms and Control Behaviors in Shamanic Healing

  • Various coping mechanisms and control behaviors that arise during shamanic healing.
  • The importance of addressing these behaviors to facilitate true healing and transformation.

Join the hosts as they guide you through the magical journey of healing emotional and energetic cracks, providing insights and practices to enhance your shamanic path. 🌟

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Ep 14: Thursdays Thoughts – Can You Master Your Spiritual Path?

Embark on a journey of spirituality, energy, and personal growth with Kelle Sparta as she shares insights and stories to illuminate your path.


🙏 The Power of Ritual:

  • Discover the transformative power of group rituals and the magical experiences they can evoke in our lives.

🌌 Manifesting Unexpected Turns:

  • Explore the mysterious ways in which our desires and intentions can shape our spiritual paths, leading us on unexpected journeys of growth and transformation.

🚂 Riding the Express Train of Life:

Join Kelle as she shares her experience of navigating rapid life changes, and learn the importance of centering and grounding amidst the chaos.

💫 The Importance of Centering:

Discover how centering can connect you to the universe and your inner being, providing stability and guidance during times of transition and growth.

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Ep 9: Thursday Thoughts – What Kind of Guides Do I Have?

Welcome to “Spirit Guides Thursday!” In today’s episode, “What Kind of Guides Do I Have?”, join Kelle Sparta as she delves into the fascinating world of spirit guides. Discover the various types of guides and learn effective methods to communicate with them to enhance your spiritual journey. 🌀


  • [00:04] Understanding Different Types of Spirit Guides: Kelle discusses the diverse types of spirit guides, such as spirit family guides, explaining their unique roles and how they assist us in our spiritual and earthly endeavors.
  • Navigating Spiritual Communications: Beginners are advised to be mindful of their interactions with guides, especially when receiving spiritual downloads. Kelle emphasizes the importance of taking breaks to avoid exhaustion and maintain a healthy spiritual balance.
  • Concept of Spirit Family: Explore the intriguing concept of a spirit family. Kelle explains how reincarnation with the same souls across different lives shape our spiritual and personal growth. She discusses how adversaries in our journey often impact us profoundly, mirroring themes commonly seen in literature.
  • Tips for Communicating with Spirit Guides: Kelle shares practical tips on how to establish and strengthen communication with your spirit guides. Learn to invite your guides to communicate through various senses, including sound, vision, and touch, enhancing your ability to receive their guidance.

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Ep 4: Thursday Thoughts: Can I Talk to My Spirit Guides?

Welcome to “Spirit Guides Thursday Thoughts!” In this captivating episode, explore the fascinating world of connecting with spirit guides and understanding their messages. Join our hosts as they discuss the powerful roles that spirit guides play in expanding personal power and comfort in one’s own skin. 🌈


  • [00:04] Introduction to Spirit Guides: 🌟 The discussion begins with an introduction to the concept of spirit guides and their role in our lives. The hosts explore how these guides can help us grow more comfortable with ourselves and increase our personal power.
  • Recognizing Messages from Spirit Guides: 💬 The conversation delves into how one can recognize when they’re receiving a message from their spirit guides. Kelle Sparta shares her experience of maintaining an open channel with her guides, providing listeners with tips on how to cultivate their own connections.
  • Real-Life Examples of Guidance: 📅 Kelle recounts instances where she felt unsure about attending events that were scheduled, and how listening to her intuition often led to significant, albeit unexpected, outcomes.
  • Turning Frustration into Insight: 🔄 Kelle shares a personal story where she spent hours helping a friend in crisis instead of attending a planned event, suggesting that what might seem frustrating can actually be purposeful and transformative.
  • A Shift in Perspective: 🔄 Joey C. discusses how apparent setbacks, like missed job opportunities, can lead to better outcomes, emphasizing the importance of perspective and openness to guidance.

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